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dilL's ga angel eyes - $400 with adga papers

Angel is a very sweet doe with a friendly and calm disposition.   She is priced at $200 less than what I paid for her because I realized she has a bit of an undershot jaw, so not show quality.  We measured her height at 21.5" - unofficial, obviously, but she does appear to be within height and with room to spare.   4 years old.   Incredible pedigree.  Wonderful personality, easy to milk.



Sire's Sire:  NC PromisedLand RC Bonafide *B (Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S 'E' 90 x ARMCH/SGCH NC PromisedLand Beau-Nita 3*D 2*M V+EE 89)

Sire's Dam:  SGCH AGS Dill's TG Brand New Girlfriend (Dill's LD Top Gun *S x Dill's BH Ima Keeper)

DAM:  DILL'S XM SERENDIPITY  (last LA score was VVV+ 85 as first freshener)

Dam's Sire:  MI Sugarcreek TW Tune's XM + *B (MI Sugarcreek NT Tightwad *S x GCH/ARMCH Sugarcreek PT Show Tunes 1*M 2*D EEEE 91)

Dam's Dam:  MCH/GCH Dill's AC Tranquility 5*D/2*M, VEEE90 (PromisedLand HS Aristocat *S, +B x MCH PromisedLand LD Panacea 4*D/*M








General Sales Policies: 

1.  Chatterbox Acres has the right to retain any kid for our herd (regardless of reservation status). 
2.  Goats are social animals.   A single goat will not be sold unless the buyer already owns goats.
3.  Chatterbox Acres cannot and will not guarantee that a goat is or will be show quality.  
4.  Chatterbox Acres cannot and will not guarantee an animal's adult conformation.  Breeding simply is not an exact science.   
Please visit the adgagenetics database to research data regarding the animal and/or its relatives.
5. Chatterbox Acres cannot and will not guarantee a goat's current or future milk production.   Again, please visit the adgagenetics database to research data regarding the animal and/or its relatives.   Also be aware that diet and management factor HIGHLY into milk production.   
6. Chatterbox Acres cannot and will not guarantee adult animal height.   
7. Chatterbox Acres cannot guarantee that our goats or that goats purchased from us will remain disease free for life.   We do serology test for CAE and have always had negative results.  
8.   All sales are final.  For biosecurity reasons, we will not accept back a goat once it has left our farm.   This is for the protection of our own herd's health as we have no way of knowing how the animal was cared for or what diseases it may have been exposed to after leaving our premises.
9.   Chatterbox Acres accepts only cash balance payments at pick-up. 
10. Buyer is aware of and assumes responsibility for the fact that the stress of a move and other environmental factors (including changes in climate, diet, shelter, care, companionship, etc.) can have unpredictable effects on goats.   Chatterbox Acres cannot be responsible for the health of your new goat(s) once it/they leave(s) our farm.   So, therefore, upon purchase, the risks of illness, injury, loss and the costs associated immediately transfer to the new owner(s).  It is the buyer's sole responsibility to be aware of and to practice proper goat management as well as already have access to a qualified veterinarian.

BOTTLE KIDS - additional sales policies:
1.  It is the buyer's responsibility to research bottle-feeding AHEAD of time and have all supplies and milk prior to purchase.
2. Buyer should be aware 
that feeding kids too much milk, increasing amounts too quickly, feeding kids too quickly, forcing kids to eat, etc, can all have dire effects on kids, sometimes even fatal effects (as can be the case with abomasal bloat, floppy kid syndrome, etc.).   Again, being educated and able to prevent, identify, and properly respond to potential issues is a must.
3. Buyer must commit to feeding kids appropriate amounts until kids are a MINIMUM of 9 weeks of age and eating hay well. 


We are always happy to share the knowledge we have gained after having owned goats for almost 10 years.   However, please realize, goats have different needs on different properties. There is no one size fits all instructional manual for owning goats, and I feel it would be dangerous to suggest otherwise.   Buyers need to be willing learners - this means read/research, attend seminars, find a laboratory that will run fecals, and please find a veterinarian qualified to properly diagnose conditions and properly prescribe medications.  You will often find conflicting information and opinions online and on forums, so when you have a sick goat, there is not time to try to sift through that - you need a vet who can actually look at and appropriately treat your animal.