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Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in VA

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reserving a kid

If interested in a particular breeding, be sure to visit the kidding schedule frequently when the doe's due date approaches.  As kids are born, the kidding schedule will be updated with kidding date, number and gender of kids, etc.  If one or more kids interest you, please contact us!    Previous buyers, as an appreciation for having interest in another Chatterbox kid, we will gladly take verbal reservations from you (prior to the doe kidding).    


Dam-Raised Kids (disbudded, tattooed, banded if wether)

* Wethers:  $125 each or 2 for $200

* Buck kids:   $300 (only a few buck kids available each year)

* Doe kids:  $350-$450

     - MULTIPLE PURCHASE DISCOUNT AVAILABLE - $50 off price of second doe kid

     - Dam-raised kids receive first Cd/T vaccine, coccidia preventative, worming, recent hoof trim, hay sample


Bottle-Raised Kids (disbudded, tattooed & taking bottle)

* Wethers:  2 for $150  (when picked up by 10-14 days of age)

* Doe and Buck Kids - $50 off kidding schedule price  (when picked up by 10-14 days of age)

     - MULTIPLE PURCHASE DISCOUNT AVAILABLE - $50 off price of second doe kid

     - Bottle kids will come with a Pritchard's teat and starter goat milk 


helpful information

I make it a point to keep prices fair and not inflated just because there has been demand for the breed.   My foundation does and my bucks are from respected herds that actively show, participate in LA, and/or participate in milk test.   I encourage you, wherever you buy, to research not just the immediate relatives in a goat's pedigree, but also sisters, half-sisters, daughters, etc., particularly when buying a buck kid.  You can find a wealth of information by searching the database at .  I also encourage you to look beyond that data and ask questions about health, parasite resistance, and the "milkability" of a doe (meaning teat size, orifice size, udder texture, etc.).    Even a doe with a beautiful udder might be tedious to hand milk, so if you plan to hand-milk, that is valuable information!   


 Also feel free to contact us by email


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