Chatterbox Acres

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in VA

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junior doe kids

SIX of these Junior Doe Kids will be available after freshening in 2017.   I have no idea which ones until a few weeks after each freshens and I've been milking them for a while.


chatterbox fern

Sire:  Dawnland PPS Troubador (Painted Pepper Soleil x Dawnland Curry's Vocalise)

Dam:  Chatterbox Charlotte (Dragonfly RY Traveller x Fairlea Dixie)

Her dam, after their first night apart, would not take Fern back.  Fern became a bottle kid who quickly attached to my middle daughter.   Fern also became the companion to Dainty June, effectively worming her way into both goat and human hearts.   I am glad she did as she was one of the few Troubador daughters born in 2015.   I am excited to see his impact.


ellie's triplet doe kids                                              kyeema ridge ms black knight x dawnland fal eclogue      

 Chatterbox Moonshadow

 Chatterbox River Run  

 Chatterbox Hallelujah  

After Ellie had a difficult pregnancy, we made the decision to retain all three of her doe kids.   Ellie has a wonderful personality, has lovely dairy skin, and a nicely-shaped and easily-milked udder.   We hope her doe kids follow in their dam's hoofsteps!   Of course, udders on their sire's side are equally nice.                                                                


new additions

 Dawnland Mohawk's Rosmarine (Dawnland Tabby's Mohawk x Dawnland Curry's Vocalise)

 Dawnland SDK Black Dash (Kyeema Ridge Sundance Kid x TX Twincreek's Butterfly Dance)

 Dawnland SH Baby Blue Eyes  (Dawnland Curry's Spicy Hot x Kyeema Ridge MS Black Shadow)

 Dawnland Monarch's Valerian  (Dawnland TCCB Monarch x Piddlin' Acres W Rosemary) 



2016 Kids

Chatterbox DC Glinda   (Dawnland SH Copper x Dawnland Sorcerer's Zelda)

Chatterbox DC Pretty Penny  (Dawnland SH Copper x Dawnland FAL Eclogue)

Chatterbox DC Miral Paris (Dawnland SH Copper x Chatterbox Knightwing)

Chatterbox T Minuet (Dawnland PPS Troubador x Phoenix Farm Tasha Yar)

Chatterbox BK Freya  (Kyeema Ridge MS Black Knight x Dill's GA Angel Eyes)

Chatterbox BK Lady Catrina (Kyeema Ridge MS Black Knight x Dill's GA Angel Eyes)