Chatterbox Acres

Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats in VA

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Chatterbox Charlotte (Dragonfly RY Traveller x Fairlea Dixie)











   2016 - 2nd freshening


Chatterbox Kes (Dragonfly RY Traveller x Phoenix Farm Tasha Yar) 

 Kes is a very small doe and kidded with only a single as a first freshener, but she had a wonderful, albeit small, easy-to-milk first freshening udder.   Her udder collapses nicely and she has nice-sized teats.   Kes also has very pliable, dairy skin.   For her second freshening, this tiny doe had triplets - she raised two.   





     2nd freshening

Chatterbox Wicked (Dragonfly RY Traveller x EOTL Broadway Diva):  I am happy with this girl!   As a second freshener, Wicked had a single kid who nursed off of only one side.   The lopsidedness has MUCH improved, but still a bit visible in above pic.



FF udder 1/15   Chatterbox Gypsy (Dragonfly RY Traveller x EOTL Broadway Diva):  Gypsy also freshened with a respectable FF udder - high in the rear, well-attached,  and with decent-sized teats.   She is extremely easy to milk out.  Gypsy did not freshen in 2016 - hoping that she will kid in early 2017.